About projectLibre

ProjectLibre is the corporate sponsor and developer of both the ProjectLibre open source desktop solution and also the upcoming ProjectLibre Cloud solution.  We were founded in Silicon Valley and France with contributions coming in from around the world.  InfoWorld awarded ProjectLibre "Best of Open Source Software" and Opensource.com named ProjectLibre to the list of "Top 10 open source projects".  We have seen over 4,500,000 downloads in 200 countries. 

Our team is dedicated to providing both free desktop and disruptive cloud solutions.  The team is led by Marc O'Brien and Laurent Chretienneau.  They have previously built two software companies that had a major impact on the industry.   They were both acquired, the last one by Private Equity firm Silver Lake Partners.  The team has many of the industries major innovations including releasing the first web-based project management software.  We are now looking to make a long term global impact and have highlighted a few areas of pride: 

Featured ProjectLibre projects

The Clinton Foundation is using ProjectLibre effectively around the world including forestry and conservation programs in Kenya.  We are proud to be assisting such incredible work!

ProjectLibre has worked with the 2-Seeds NGO in providing project management for their various projects within Tanzania.  We were very impressed with their organization and are looking to continue the relationship as they provide tremendous services within Africa! 

ProjectLibre is used in the world's largest companies.  The list of Global 2,000 organizations using ProjectLibre is impressive.  It is important to note,  we also get regular email from small businesses thanking us for not having to spend thousands of dollars on software.