Exported xml file problem

October 18, 2017 - 21:28 pm
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By comparing the xml files exported by Microsoft Project and ProjectLibre respectively, I investigated the cause of error in loading the xml file, exported by ProjectLibre, to Microsoft Project.

As a result, there is something wrong with the data generation of the part of "Assignments".
The date and time used to assign the work time to the task seems different from what it should be.

For this reason, the apparent duration is shortened because work hours, that should be evenly distributed, are  allocated at a certain time period concentratedly.

Is it possible to ask for correction on this matter?

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November 14, 2017 - 21:04 pm

I also hope this can be corrected. recently was exporting files to Microsoft Project and the whole process almost crashed and that be so devastating since have spend lots of time on working on this dissertationwriter project. losing all data would s*ck