Recurrent tasks

December 15, 2016 - 21:20 pm
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I' like to insert some recurrent (periodic) tasks, but I don't know. Actually, I don't know if there is this function in ProjectLibre, but I know it's in MS Project.

Can anyone help me?



December 22, 2016 - 06:02 am

Hi there,


This is something that is asked for an in our scheduling engine will be added.



January 28, 2017 - 00:47 am

Add in a task, let's say a regular meeting. Make it an hour, or whatever. Assign the required resources. Highlight the task in the gantt view. Copy it with CTRL+C, or the "Copy" icon. Go to new Gantt row and paste. Change the date. 

You can bang in a bunch of them in a minute or two. After adding them, change the start date using the calendar drop down.