Resources usage and assignements

December 4, 2013 - 19:18 pm
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Dear All, 

I am new on Project Libre. I have some problems in understanding how to assign resources. Should be the assignement be referred to the completion of a task or to the time available on the project? I'll make an example: I want to assign 3 resources on task A (which is actually a meeting). All 3 resources are full time and they will participate to the meeting. How am I suposed to assign the percetages? 

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December 5, 2013 - 22:49 pm

Good question:  If they are all attending the meeting then they will be all 100% there... you can just assign all three to the meeting.  One thing with assigning resources.  There are effort driving tasks and time driven tasks.  

Effort driven:  If you add a second person to a task it takes half as long

Time driven:  a task will take x days regardless of how many people work on int....


If you assign all 3 resources at the same time in the dialog box then ProjectLibre will treat it as a time driven task and the duration will not change.  If you assign them one at time it is treated as effort driven and will take less time.  You can set the preference in the task dialog box before assigning resources as well.....