Calendar settings and task start - end dates

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I've been using ProjectLibre for scheduling purposes. Under the calendar I could basically set up the working hours as 7 hrs. for a working day despite the timings 9:30-14:00 & 14:30-18:00 which reflect as 8 hrs working per day. Because I was couting off 1 hrs for various meetings so the team works for 7 hrs. Now it reflected against the tasks durations e.g., when I mentioned 8hrs of work estimate against a task it shows me 1.143 days however I have observed that start date time and end date time are not adjusted accordingly. Is there a way that the working hrs per day setting be referenced for calculating end datetime for a task given some estimates?

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Pawan Rai


Java Decorators

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ProjectLibre looks promising, but at the same time it looks very "Java:ish". That problem could be solve by using the decorators from the underlying Operatingsystem. I.e ProjectLibre would look as an Ubuntu-program on Ubuntu, Windows-program on Windows and Mac-program on Mac.

Dev-environment Eclipse uses this approach for example.

When could this be incorporated?

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Niklas Andersson