Allocation of tasks without impacting resource usage.

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Hi everyone.

How do I assign two tasks to one same resource without impacting on their workload? In a case where tasks can be done simultaneously.

Say, for example, that I have these two tasks: a train trip and writing a report. This is a case where the resource can travel and write a report while on the trip, which for me means that the resource usage should stay at 100% and not jump to 200% as I am now getting.

I hope you can help.


Cost rollup for subtasks - how to do reliably?

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Hi there,

I'm excited to find a OS alternative to MS Project, so I started planning - but:

I cannot make the cost rollup work reliably. I have one- to two-level task hierarchies, and assign "Fixed Cost" to the lowest-level tasks. In some cases, they are rolled up to the top-level task, but in most cases, they are not. Even with a single top-level task, rollup seems to depend on the sequence of entering subtask costs, and whether only one subtask has non-zero cost (rolled up to top-level task) or several subtasks have non-zero costs (only first entered is rolled up, or nothing is rolled up).

I've looked through documentation, discussions, field catalog, XML file format - the only hint I found was an XML attribute called "rollup", which is 0 for all entries in the XML export - even for the one where rolling up worked.

I do not (yet) need the hours/rate calculation, because the most important case is material cost, which is not depending on duration - that's why I used "Fixed Costs".

So - is there an automatic way of adding costs of subtasks to the top-level tasks?

Thanks a lot, nobi