Reports cut off task names

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When i generate a report my task names are cut off at about 30 characters.  How can i generate reports that include the entire task name?


Task change constraints on reopening file

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Iv'e noticed that once I set a gantt chart with no constraints and close the file, the some task change upon reopening the file.

See screen print of before and after below.


Allocation of tasks without impacting resource usage.

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Hi everyone.

How do I assign two tasks to one same resource without impacting on their workload? In a case where tasks can be done simultaneously.

Say, for example, that I have these two tasks: a train trip and writing a report. This is a case where the resource can travel and write a report while on the trip, which for me means that the resource usage should stay at 100% and not jump to 200% as I am now getting.

I hope you can help.


Feature Request - Basic formatting in Task Notes

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I would love to have some basic formatting abilities in Task Notes.  The biggest ones are:

  • Font
    • Particularly size
    • Bold / strikethrough / italics
  • Colour
  • Bullets
  • Highlighting

Perhaps HTML or RTF.

Not sure of the consequences / complexities / considerations in doing this, particularly with regards to MS Project compatibility.  Although I would love to see (as another poster put it) ProjectLibre be "superior to MS Project", not just compatible.wink


Struggling to apply multiple resources with different work commitment to one task

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Dear All,

I am tryint to set up a task, which requires a total of 40 hours of week, which may spread over 10 days duration. I am using the "Fixed Work" type. All works well, until I start adding resources. Initially, can add all resources, but when I want to change their individual hours, the duration changes to the total hours accoding to the resources calendar. When I want to change this again to reflect that the actual work may be spread over two weeks, all goes haywire and I cannot spread the total work hours over the resouces as I deem fit. To make things worse, PL also insists during this process to change the default contrain type to "Start no earlier than", which I suspect is a bug.

Is this normal behaviour and I am using the software wrongly? If so, how would I do this best, e. g., setting up 3 different sub-tasks for each resource? Or shall I leave the "Duration" alone and add some "Lag" to any successor to reflect that this task can move flexibly within a certain time frame?

Thanks for your help



print report tasks with notes

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I would like to use the note option on a task as the product description (like Prince2 project management tells you to ;-)

Is there a report available that prints all tasks (name/numers) with the content of the note of the task?


Task priority

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How do i use the priority of a task to set where it should be among other tasks?
Say if i set a parent task with the priority of 1 (being the highest priority) and then another parent task as 2 then another with 3 and so on, can i use this to automatically set where the task should start (then finish) and the next highest priority to start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks =)


Project Overview By Day, Task, Etc and

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We are new to Project Libre, but are interested in using it for planning and implementation of construction based projects. However, there are a few issues we have run into that are either limitations or we simply cannot find where to click.

We need or would want an easy way to objectively look at an overview for each day. For instance, I would want to simply look at something like this:



Task 2: 6 Resources, X Hours

Task 3: 2 Resources, X Hours


Essentially we want a way to easily get a very quick overview for each day and then be able to pull back and do the same thing easily for each task real quick.

However the reports have nothing like this and everything seems to simply only relate to the task as a whole...so we can not focus just one day, and it ALWAYS lists the resources instead of just telling me how many resources real quick. This forces one to have to count.


On a side note we do have something else we are noticing. There appears to be no way to have a fixed work, fixed duration, and fixed units working at 100%. I understand how it effects one another, but we want to give a task possibly more days than it needs, while ensuring we do not work over "x" hours total on the task, but still maintain the idea that each person works 100%. Is this only possible through manual manipulation?


Task fixed duration but variable resource.

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there is one thing that is driving me nuts with PL. It may be because of my poor understanding of how similar softwares work. I have never used MS project or similar before. BTW, it is really great that you have taken on board this task of creating a real alternative to MS Project as the open source world really needs a product like this. Many colleagues use it so I understand that there is a place for it.

I have a project (consultancy services) where I have set a main task (create a large report) with several subtasks (stages of the report and review stages, etc). Three people are involved with this report. The subtasks are set over periods of weeks (eg. subtask 1=2 weeks; subtask 2=3weeks and is dependant of finalising subtask1, etc.). The three people resourced, in total have allocated hours that summed up, do not equal 2x40hrs or 3x40hrs. So what happens is that as soon as I assign 10hrs for person 1, 10 hrs for person 2 and 5hrs for person three (25hrs total), PL adjusts the duration to fit around this sum. How can I stop PL from doing this? The resources (3 people) have to be deployed over many projects over those three weeks and they cannot use their allocated time in one chunck to the specific subtask.

In the "Advance" tab, I selected "Fixed Duration" as Type adn deselected the "Effort Drivern" button. Is this right?

I hope I have made my problem clear enough.


BTW, as a wish list item, it would be good to be able to select colours of items on gantt chart. The yellow dots for the deadlines are hardly visible when you print them.



Recurring task?

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Is it possible to create a recurring task in PL?  How?