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Allocation of tasks without impacting resource usage.

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Hi everyone.

How do I assign two tasks to one same resource without impacting on their workload? In a case where tasks can be done simultaneously.

Say, for example, that I have these two tasks: a train trip and writing a report. This is a case where the resource can travel and write a report while on the trip, which for me means that the resource usage should stay at 100% and not jump to 200% as I am now getting.

I hope you can help.


Printing Task Usage or Resource Usage

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No matter what I try I am unable to print the Task Usage view in ProjectLibre. In addition it seems Resource Usage is also not printable. We desperately need the task usage feature so that the project planners can easily identify issues and make scribbles for possible changes without having to look at a computer screen.

In addition we need to be able to give our foreman a printout of the Task Usage so they know how many people on each task each day and how many hours, etc.

Without this ability we almost entirely lose a purpose for ProjectLibre as it becomes a waste of time to have to go back and reapply things to a spreadsheet for that view.

If this is being re-written in the new version...when can we even expect that? Need to figure out what solution we are going to have to use for now.