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1 ProjectLibre: Cloud update and community verification

The ProjectLibre community now has well over 100,000 members and we are looking to communicate on a regular basis with our updates.  We are requesting you update your current community registration to a .com, .edu or business email address.  Those will be the recipients of our monthly communication going forward.  We will post a link on the website to access the updates. 

admin Global User Group Oct, 11, 2019
2 ProjectLibre: video introduction

We have released a video introduction to ProjectLibre on our YouTube channel.  It is the first of many videos we will release on various ProjectLibre topics.  You can access the video here

We are looking for user stories so please send to  How are you using ProjectLibre?  What industry and project types?  



admin Global User Group May, 24, 2019
3 ProjectLibre Community exceeds 115,000 registered Project Management members

ProjectLibre Community exceeds 115,000 registered members


admin Global User Group Mar, 06, 2019
4 ID number

Help, I was creating a project and somewhere along the way the ID number down the side of the Gantt chart has  changed to the name. How I do not know, can anyone advise how to change this back.

Brendan65 ProjectLibre ENTERPRISE Cloud Community, European User Community Aug, 02, 2017
5 How can I change the language to Russian?

How can I change the language to Russian? The interface itself is Russified, but when I enter new items, only the Latin alphabet works.

Nikolay Filimonov European User Community Aug, 02, 2017
6 ProjectLibre Features

Hello everyone,

I am new here and have a few questions about ProjectLibre:

1) What are the features of ProjectLibre? 

2) Is there a projected time when will be the cloud based tool available?

3) How to purchase?

Thank you

johnedson ProjectLibre ENTERPRISE Cloud Community, Asian User Community Jul, 27, 2017
7 11 X 17 Printing

Is there a way I can print the schedule and timeline on 11 X 17 and have it scaled appropriately?



jimveikos North American User Community Jul, 15, 2017
8 Project Libre Cloud implementation

I'd like to know how I can implement Project libre cloud in my enterprise.

rbgondim ProjectLibre ENTERPRISE Cloud Community Jul, 14, 2017
9 ProjectLibre shuts down on "Save"

Can anyone help ?  I have downloaded the latest ProjectLibre, Win10, latest Java and the program shuts down as soon as I hit Save, Save As or Open Project.

I did start a discussion on this issue a week ago but that discussion has disappeared too.

Cam Global User Group Jun, 30, 2017
10 Cell Height Adjustment?

I recently moved to Windows 10. I have a project that I am trying to work from and I am unable to adjust the cell height. At this point the project is basically useless. I attached a screen shot from the project so you can see what the problem is. It is easier to see what information is there in these particular fields. The Name fields present more of a problem because it is more difficult to make out half of a letter vs half of a number. I can't seem to find a way to increase the height of the cells so I can read the text. 

Is there something I can do here? 

ThinkPad North American User Community Jun, 30, 2017