Overview of ProjectLibre

October 12, 2012 - 14:43 pm
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ProjectLibre is a recently reinvigorated open source project intended to update and revitalize a software tool intended as an alternative to commercial software like Microsoft Project. It is free software, just as the name implies, but it is also compatible with any other project management software that can read and write .xml formatted documents. Obviously, that includes MS Project, as well as several other such projects and most other open source alternatives like Calligra Plan.

The feature set included in the current (1.5 Beta) version of ProjectLibre is largely the one in Open Project, the predecessor open source program. Current features include: task management, work breakdown structure generation (a list and a graphical representation), resource allocation and tracking, and Gantt charts that provide a clear view of the critical path elements of the schedule. Obviously, this list of features is not intended to be comprehensive and there is nothing remarkably unique about this list. Indeed it is appropriate to carefully define some of the terminology frequently used in project management before further elaborating on the capabilities of ProjectLibre, since the use of these terms is not completely uniform, either in project management software nor in organizational usage.