Grouping tasks by ressource names: bug/improvement

May 13, 2013 - 22:42 pm
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I'm quite new to Project Libre and I have to say that it does almost everything I need. Thanks a lot for all the efforts done !

I say "almost", because the last thing I need to be more than happy is this: being able to group tasks by ressource, in order to see who should do what.
I can see the feature exists in the "Group by" button, but the result is a bit strange. Is it a bug ?
Here is the case. I have tasks assigned to ressource A, A+B and B. When I group the tasks by ressource name, the result is 3 groups: A, A+B and B, whereas I'd like (and as a matter of fact I'd expect) to see tasks assigned to A and to B (2 groups instead of 3).
Maybe I missed something. If not, I'd like to ask for such an improvement.



May 14, 2013 - 08:26 am

Hello Stephen,


Thank you for the comments!   It actually is working as designed.  It will group all tasks based on resource.  If Resource A has 5 tasks assigned there will be a grouping with those tasks.  However, the issue you see is if Resource A and B are assigned to a task.  Where should it be grouped ?  If it is in A and you are resource B you will not be pleased to not see your task.  Thus, we add a grouping  A, B and the task will be in there..... 

Best regards,



May 24, 2013 - 18:05 pm

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your reply. I understand your point. Then, I miss one functionality.
With the current grouping, as a project leader, I cannot see the list of tasks per assignee, hence I cannot know who is overloaded and who is getting bored. As an assignee, I find difficult to see what is assigned to me, whether I'm alone on a task or sharing it with others, because, when I activate the "Group by resource name" filter, I need to find out all the groups where my name is.

Task1: Assigned to A,B and C
Task99: Assigned to A and B
Task250: Assigned to C
When I group by resource name, I get:
A,B,C: Task 1
... (dozens of lines)
A,B: Task99
... (more dozens of lines)
C: Task250

So, if I am interested in what B has to do, I just can't.

What I'd love to see is:
A: Task1, Task99
B: Task1, Task99
C: Task1, Task250

What do you think ?