Improvements / Bug

April 26, 2013 - 16:50 pm
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Good morning / evening (depending where you are)

I would like first to thank sall the team for this work, and real alternative to MS project.

nevertheless, I would like to add comments regarding somme issues I found while using it:

- Ressource view / detailed view :

                1- only shown hours unit on the right display, could be good if it s possible to show it in Cost,

                2- it would be great if it would be possible to change all table cost type in a row, this would allow to have to have in a simple way cost price A, selling price B...

                 3- when using the chart view on the sub view, when printing, scale are not included in the printed document.

                 4- when save the project, configuration and column added configuration (size of the colun initiated each time you insert new column) not saved as for ask view

- Task view, Gant

                 1- when add one column, all setup and size of column are changed

                 2- when print the gant, ou need to remove all column before printing to not appera on the print out, would it be possible to print only column on the left side of the separation between column and gant view.

                  3- Save planification: great to be abble to save different palnification, but cannot access information saved after

- general

                  1- it would be great to have the possibility in saving all data in a DB type format or excel text format. This would allow to use other program when you need specific reporting or analysis. It would open more the software and allow end user to have alternate solution if reporting not yet implemented in Project libre.

Again i would like to emphasise that it is a great job, support to this project should be organise and coordinate as it will be really a step forward for many consultancy and project management firms.

Best regards