Interview: "ProjectLibre edges in on Microsoft Project dominance"

May 24, 2013 - 09:03 am
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"ProjectLibre edges in on Microsoft Project dominance"

I wanted to share the great news with the community as ProjectLibre is being recognized as challenging MIcrosoft Project's dominance., here is the interview.   I spoke with @JHibbets at about ProjectLibre and the impact our community/solution is having in the marketplace.  It is amazing to be part of a major wave of open source success.  We love to see the success of Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice replacing Microsoft Office.  ProjectLibre provides an important part of the open source ecosystem with the  project management component! 

We are seeing open source solutions taking prominent competitve positioning in many markets. I look at BI, BPM and ERP and enthused with the success.  In particular for me,  xTuple has  been making big waves in the ERP market.  I am happy to be contributing to that success!  The PostBooks solution is having the same impact as ProjectLibre but in the ERP marketplace.  If you need a replacement for your accounting or ERP software go open source and download PostBooks.  A very disruptive wave is growing!

Once again,  the  ProjectLibre community support and encouragement is highly appreciated.  We have users in over 200 countries and now have over 10,000 registered community members.  We are challenging Microsoft Project's dominance!  The development team is head's down working on the rewrite of ProjectLibre.  This will be another step forward in challenging Redmond!  If you cannot see the article link, here is the URL   Please blog, tweet and forward ProjectLibre information @ProjectLibre!

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