May 31, 2013 - 15:30 pm
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Is there any license of using ProjectLibre on Client pc. llike Windows 7/xp. Is it fully FREE , pls confirm



June 3, 2013 - 01:10 am

Yes, we are passionate about the impact free, open source software can have.  We litterally have users in over 200 countries.  They all use it free of charge and the source code is available.  We do need to make money at some point so we can keep innovating but that is not going to impact ProjectLibre being free and available for corporate or government usage.  We have many government agencies using ProjectLibre to avoid paying the $999 for Microsoft Project.    Good luck with your usage.  What company are you with ?  We like the user stories....

June 3, 2013 - 17:40 pm

Hi srasini,

ProjectLibre is published under the software license CPAL.
The Free Software Foundation recognizes CPAL to be a Free Software License, although unfortunately it is incompatible to the GPL, see

What does this mean for you in practice?


  • ProjectLibre is Free Software. This means that after having received the code, you can use the code as you wish; you can run it, study it, change it, give your changes to others, use it for private, commercial, governmental, or whatever other purpose you desire. The software is free, as in "freedom", or "liberty"
  • There are some restrictions in the CPAL, though, mainly concerning attribution to the original authors. Please refer to the link I provided above to see which limitations they are.
  • Since the CPAL is incompatible to the GPL, it might not be possible to use ProjectLibre's code for combining/merging it with other software projects, should you ore someone else be a developer. You can only merge code with software that is licenced under the GPL if the code is at least compatible to the GPL

Additionally, the authors have decided do not charge money for downloading the software, it is gratis. Thus, ProjectLibre is free as in "free beer", too! Nota bene: This has nothing to do with the Free Software License, since it would have been very well possible for the authors to charge money for the download of ProjectLibre, although it is Free Software. This is something not obvious to most users - and authors, too. Though, it is very seldom our days to see Free Software with a download price tag other than zero, admittedly.

Conclusion for you: You can download ProjectLibre without paying any money to the authors and you can run the code (= "use the software") as you wish. In the case that you want to make changes to the code, you need to consider the restrictions of the CPAL license.

Please notice: The authors of ProjectLibre do not charge you for downloading the software, it is a gratis gift to us. This helps us users a lot. But of course, the authors are normal human beings as all of us, so logically they have to pay their bills and need to earn money to make a decent living, too. So if you, your company or your institution should benefit of the use of ProjectLibre, please consider to support the project by donating money. Additionally you can help by donating other recources, such as time (bug reports, feature requests, usability feedback, code, bug fixes, marketing, graphics, webdesign), hardware donations, service donations (e.g. web hosting, server co-location, etc.). You might want to read this discussion (starting at the 5th post):