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March 14, 2012 - 04:04 am
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The OpenProj team has a long history in project management dating back to the mainframe and DOS days.  Marc O'Brien even worked with IBM 3090 versions of project sheduling software.  Laurent Chretienneau worked on the first internet PERT chart (Network Diagram).  These guys are old!!!!!!   They are also passionate about project management and happy to be contributing to the world of PM.   Their company (Projity) was acquired in 2008 by Serena software.  The Serena team was and is terrific!!!!  We all still have great friends over at Serena.  


However,  they were looking for Projity's cloud software.  They are essentially also a mainframe company, OpenProj was not a natural fit.  They attempted to get contributions to OpenProj.  The domain expertise required rendered that a difficult proposition.  In the end, the meager contributions were negative and created incompatibilities.  OpenProj has still been downloaded over 4 Million times !  The team is very proud of the impact around the world.  OpenProj has been downloaded in 192 countries!


The next step for OpenProj is to continue with the core development and update the 4 years of inactivity.  This effort will hopefully be done with a Serena Software partnership.  This is a placeholder and will be updated!!!

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