ProjectLibre “Working with Intention”

January 28, 2023 - 00:53 am
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ProjectLibre is the 3rd software company for the founders. The team had a different perspective when launching the company. It is perhaps the experience of being acquired twice. There were positives and challenges of being purchased by large companies, such as the core ‘mission’ being subsumed into the new companies.

ProjectLibre’s core mission aims to increase the usage of project management tools and practices around the world by providing a free, accessible project management software for individuals and organizations of all sizes. The desktop software is designed to be a replacement for proprietary project management tools, such as Microsoft Project. We have accomplished some of our mission with over 6,000,000 downloads in 193 countries. The translations into 31 languages allow users on all 7 continents can manage projects in their native languages. We have a long way to go and are Beta testing the Cloud version of ProjectLibre. This will be subscription based and be the engine to invest in both solutions to continue our mission.

We are asked, why are we working on our 3rd company? What is our motivation every day? The core team decided it was more important to make a difference in the world than sitting on a beach. What drives our efforts is “Working with Intention”. It is a powerful motivation that inspires us to achieve our goals, including supporting causes of interest. Global expansion of project management is the core business intention. However, we also encourage all our team to have Intentions beyond business. We continue to support our team and aspire with the growth of ProjectLibre to give back further. That inspiration drives our round the clock work.

We encourage the team with some current examples:  micro-loans in South America via Kiva , a homeless organization in Phoenix called the Andre House , and a school/orphanage in Vilapuram India called St. Patricks. There is intention to each initiative. The loans are in countries who contribute back to ProjectLibre. We serve meals to the homeless at the Andre house in one of our communities.  We have visited the remote school in India and mentored a young student who is now graduated college and is a software engineer. 

ProjectLibre will grow as a company and we will be ever mindful to grow our intentions. This is consistent with who we are now, an open-source project management software, giving back to the world by allowing anyone to use, modify, and distribute the software without any cost. Our upcoming Cloud version will provide capital so we can both improve our solutions but also give back to the world. That drives us every day and our wish is all companies "Work with Intention"



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St. Patrick's Academy

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