ProjectLibre: African community update

July 16, 2020 - 08:54 am
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Thank you for being part of the ProjectLibre community!  I am one of the co-founders of ProjectLibre and have lived in Africa as a teenager.  My co-founder has family in Africa.  It is a special place for me.  I look forward to hearing your stories on usage of ProjectLibre please send them to 

We have users in every country in Africa.  We are planning on having a support team in the region to support both the desktop and future Cloud solution. I have had terrific business relationships in multiple countries.  My goal was to spend a few months this Spring working there as we finalize our next solutions.  The Covid issue caused me to stay in Silicon Valley but I am looking forward to spending time to cultivate ProjectLibre in Africa!  

Here is a preview image of our Cloud solution.  If you do want to participate in the beta you can sign up here  Please use a business email address as we are not allowing gmail or public.  Once again, we have spent significant time in the region.  We have close friends and business colleagues in many African countries so are invested in growing the community.  If you can assist and promote in local PMI chapters or blogs it is appreciated! Please help us get more awareness and appreciate your community activity. 

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