ProjectLibre Cloud: Manage projects "anywhere"

May 27, 2022 - 00:50 am
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ProjectLibre Cloud is a team solution in your browser enabling companies to manage their projects regardless of team location. ProjectLibre Cloud is currently in beta testing and the feedback has been excellent.  The beta companies are managing projects in many countries around the world. We had a speech this month to a conference in South America and used the example of ProjectLibre's initiatives with Google.  We had a slide showing our San Mateo location which is 15 miles from Google's headquarters and the South American conference 6,000 miles away.  Our meetings and projects with them have gone online, our point was it didn't matter if we were in San Mateo or South America. 

ProjectLibre Cloud lets your team manage projects regardless of location.  Why is this important? The acceleration of remote work has been astonishing.  Project teams and projects are increasingly de-centralized. ProjectLibre Cloud provides these project teams with a solution. In the United States, over 25% of all full work days will be from home which is up from 5% pre-pandemic.  This is based on studies from Stanford University and the University of Chicago.  Another study covering work openings in 20 countries now include "remote work" in 8.5% of the advertisements which is up from previously 2.5%.  These are compelling statistics and have real impacts.  ProjectLIbre has the second largest project management community and our internal surveys are consistent with these statistics with 82% of our users managing projects in multiple locations.


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The ProjectLibre team will continue surveying our community.  We will share how this trend continues to evolve as more companies and teams working in different locations.  ProjectLibre Cloud means those locations can be work from home, different offices or different continents.  Our team will be expanding the beta testing companies in the coming few weeks.  If you are a team and interested in preview you can schedule that with this link  Please keep in mind, ProjectLibre Cloud will be on a monthly subsription and is for teams.