ProjectLibre named "Top 10 open source project for 2013"

December 25, 2013 - 06:27 am
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The year is winding to a wonderful close. ProjectLibre was just named to the "Top Ten Open Source Projects in 2013" ! We are very thankful for the recognition but also know we have a long way to go! 

We aspire to offer an alternative to Microsoft Project. We still have work to do on this but with 600,000 downloads, 20,000 community members, I feel good about the progress we will make this coming year. We will have a new release of ProjectLibre coming in Q1 with some major archtectural changes. We also will make some improvements but the big improvements will be after we have successfully released PPMLibre. 

PPMLibre? Yes, we are tracking for a Q1 release of our portfolio project management solution. We will be briefing the community in late January with particulars but are making great progress. Please send your ideas/input on the most useful dashboards, metrics, workflows and reports. PPMLibre will be very useful at the enterprise level for portfolio project management. It will combine portal, collaboration, dashboards, advanced reporting, and much more. It will also allow a monetization engine which the team can use to effectively ramp the innovation velocity. This will be good for ProjectLibre, innovation velocity and the community! The pilot companies requesting early rollouts are amazing. The ProjectLibre/PPMLibre combination is really going to shake up the project management market. 

Once again, 2013 was a great year of progress at ProjectLibre. We sincerely appreciate the community support! We look to engage even more as we continue to innovate and mature as a community. We do have a global community with usage in over 200 countries but for those celebrating....we do wish a happy holiday season and/or New Year! 

Best regards,