ProjectLibre: New website and updates

October 8, 2014 - 00:09 am
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ProjectLibre new website and progress What a great new website we have at ProjectLibre! There are a lot of changes and improvements at ProjectLibre. I wanted to thank Tom Tran and his team who are partnered with my company Propeople. Lena, Hudo and the partners did a wonderful job and it is a responsive design on different devices and performant. Thank you again!


We have also updated our documentation thanks to the work from Annie Belanger in Canada and Ulrich Boes in Bulgaria. We need additional assistance and really need a tutorial and training powerpoint. Thank you Annie & Ulrich. Please join the effort and any tutorial and training material is now essential for the expansion of ProjectLIbre!


The ProjectLibre team is also making great progress on multiple products. It is important to clarify that we are completely rewriting ProjectLibre.  It will have a modular architecture that will serve all of us well in the future. It will also allow partner/corporate contributions! Project management software is in the core of corporate integrated enterprise software. Microsoft has protected the Microsoft Project franchise due to the integration with other software. This includes Sharepoint, Calendars, ERP systems , CRM. We are mission critical to many organizations as are those solutions. The integration is important in the ecosystem. The new modular architecture will enable easy module development to integrate ProjectLibre into these other mission critical applications.


We are also in the development of PPMLibre. This is a portfolio project management solution that will be cloud based initially. We have some Fortune 500 firms looking to deploy. It would be productive to get a few corporate sponsors to accelerate our development. You can see on this site a wonderful list of companies using ProjectLibre. We do not have any corporate sponsors yet. It is important for our longterm success and short term productivity to get these secured quickly. It is now reasonable to expect the release will not be this calendar year. The new website is a major improvement for community communication. We are going to start highlighting ProjectLibre success stories. Please send us notes on how you are using ProjectLibre, you can send them to [email protected] We now have over 1,100,000 downloads in over 210 countries. It will be great with the new website to communicate your user stories!


November 19, 2014 - 02:20 am

I have a dule boot machine with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 and have installed ProjectLibre in both OSs. When trying to open ppm files it starts to load then hangs up. I think these files were done in MSP 2010 but not sure. These files are compleated projects and can be forwarded to help solve the problem.

March 17, 2015 - 14:46 pm

I have recieved an MPP file from a PC user. I can open and edit/amend using Libre.


Does anyone know what I need to do with the file so that I can send my edited file back to the PC user using project.

I have tried paying with suffix and saving as XML none seem to work. They cannot open my files.


Anyone with any ideas?





March 29, 2015 - 15:36 pm

ProjectLibre won't launch, asking for java, of which I have downloaded and installed java 8. So wht can I do to use this software??