ProjectLibre Partners and User Certification

May 25, 2021 - 20:14 pm
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ProjectLibre continues to work with global PM organizations and pleased to announce the first approved ProjectLibre User Certification.   We are now on all 7 continents with users in Antarctica.  It is important to have global partners as just 'this week' ProjectLibre was downloaded in 150 countries.  Our latest release enables the setting of Language, Date format and Currency.  We are looking to support these global users with partners both for our desktop and upcoming Cloud release.

A great example and model partnership is AMPM Consulting in Italy.  The ProjectLibre team wants to thank Marco Arcuri and his team at AMPM.  They have established a comprehensive practice around ProjectLIbre including training and "ProjectLibre User Certifcation" courses.  There are two courses, certification and advanced certification. The certification courses provide a solid test of ProjectLibre and project management knowledge.  We have reviewed and appreciate the hard work the AMPM team committed to starting the program.  They have commenced the courses this month.  We look forward to working with their team and other partners globally!

ProjectLibre has a mission to spread project management practices globally.  We have been committed to the project management software since the mainframe era.  We are pleased ProjectLibre has spread to all countries in the world and translated into 29 languages.  The partnership with AMPM is a model we will replicate.  We worked closely with their team and appreciate the initiative to launch the first ProjectLibre User Certification.  If you are interested in partnering please send an email with your background to [email protected]






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