ProjectLibre release: project managers set Language, Currency, Date Format w/dropdown list

January 13, 2021 - 03:22 am
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ProjectLibre Languages

ProjectLibre key updates: set Language, Currency, Date Format 

  • Language:     Chose interface language from drop down list
  • Currency:      Currency set to your chosen country
  • Date format:  Date format for projects map to your country standard
  • 29 Languages (6 new)

The ProjectLibre team has been working 7 day weeks on not only our upcoming Cloud beta but also the desktop and we have released a new version. ProjectLibre's mission: “Libre” is Free on the Desktop and Freedom in the Cloud.  We will continue development on the desktop as it is our mission to promote project management globally.  The 5,000,000 download milestone will occur in two months.  That is only the start! 

Download the new release 1.9.3 ! This new release is significant as we are in 200 countries and now our users can select language, currency and date format with dropdown lists.  You can simply select from our list of 29 translated languages, restart ProjectLibre and your interface has changed.  In addition, select your Country which then sets currency and date format to your country standard.  Example: choosing Spanish and country of Chili will display project costs in the Chilean Peso ($ symbol) -vs- choosing Peru where the project costing would be in the Peruvian Sol ( S/. symbol).  In both cases it changes the date format to D/M/Year and the interface is in Spanish. This is all done with our new feature and clicking on the globe icon in the top right of ProjectLibre 

Language selection

We have also added the ability to modify the a base translation into your dialect. The same language will have different terms for words based on region.  ProjectLIbre already has Portuguese translated for both Brazilian and Portugal. They can take the base translation and modify particular word or phrases.  Example: we have over 500,000 downloads in Germany but also have over 100,000 German downloads outside Germany.  This will allow Austrian users to modify phrases in their vernacular.  You can see a video on these new features on our YouTube Channel 

ProjectLibre language dialog box


We have also added an additional 6 languages with a few more pending.  You can contact us if you are able assist in additional translations. This occured recently with an outreach from a Taiwan government/university organization for a translation into Traditional Chinese.  If you utilize the new feature to modify a language into a regional language, we request you send us the translation so we can provide that to the community. The ProjectLibre registered community is well over 150,000 and we appreciate the contributions.

We want to thank Nikola Kondakov, Michael Tsao, Anders Brunholm Sylvest, Boonyaluck Chaweeb, Nusret Guclu , Şükrü Hacıyanlı, Ecem Tezel, Bui Trong Hung, Marianna Di Tomassi and Marco Arcuri for their community dedication to adding the new languages! We are hoping we aren’t missing anyone!  The efforts are very much appreciated and if you can contribute to more languages or regional dialects reach out. 

Once again, this is a significant release ProjectLibre and global project management communities!  

ProjectLibre 1.9.3 Languages

ProjectLibre 1.9.3 languages

Download the new release 1.9.3 !   Please note: on Mac and Windows you need to accept the download in your security preferences.  We are not part of the AppStore or signed with Windows so they give dire warnings.  You need to go to your respective security settings and accept.