ProjectLibre surpasses 2,000,000 downloads in over 200 countries

January 20, 2016 - 01:19 am
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We have great news to share on the ProjectLibre project. We surpassed 2,000,000 downloads and ProjectLibre is managing projects in over 200 countries around the world! The core team has been dedicated to providing an open source alternative to Microsoft Project for many years. We acknowledge progress at times seems slow as we do not have corporate sponsorship. However, the good news is companies like General Electric, SAIC, IBM, Kiewit, Abbott Labs, Cisco, AMD, Caterillar, Accenture, Medtroic, Boeing, Time Warner and many governments around the world are all heavily utilizing ProjectLibre. They are part of our growing community!


Those are great names and our impact is not simply with Fortune 500 companies. We are also providing small businesses with comprehensive project management on Linux, Mac or Windows for free. This is obviously a tremendous advantage over spending thousands of dollars/currency on Microsoft Project. We get email appreciation every week with really cool stories of how we assisted organizations. We are particularly proud of the impact ProjectLibre has with charities and non-government organizations (NGO). A few examples, ProjectLibre is being used by the Cambodian Education Ministry for building schools around the country. ProjectLibre is also being used by the Clinton Foundation on agriculture projects in Kenya. We are also assisting NGO's in Tanzania, Cameroon and Vietnam. This gives us great satisfaction and we would love to hear more of your stories on using ProjectLibre.


A couple of updates as well. We will be launching a new website next month. We are looking to also release a cloud version of ProjectLibre. We are now focusing on ProjectLibre enterprise cloud and will get this released prior to the PPMLibre solution. This is somewhat disappointing to delay PPMLibre but we are excited with having a multi-user, multi-project, cloud version of ProjectLibre. It has the same foundation that let's Google Applications users simultaneously work on documents and spreadsheets. In this case, Projects! We have not secured corporate sponsorship so are figuring out how to fund ProjectLibre by cloud subscriptions. Our goal is to accelerate the development, extensions and PPMLibre. This is difficult without paying our team to work full time on the project. We are figuring out final plans but have communicated with some of the NGO's on ensuring they receive the benefits of a cloud solution but without the subscription. We will balance this as best possible.


Once again, we are making progress on the long awaited cloud version. We are also very excited to surpass 2,000,000 downloads around the world. This is a big milestone! Thank you for all the nice emails and support (patience)! We are looking to hear from you and how you are using ProjectLibre. Please send us a quick note with how you are using ProjectLibre.


Best regards,


Marc, Laurent & Team