ProjectLibre update: major progress behind the scenes and community

February 23, 2013 - 23:05 pm
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I wanted to send an update to the community on ProjectLibre's progress.  It is important to communicate this as there is major progress but it is all "under the hood".  ProjectLibre is now being used in literally every country in the world.  It is exciting to see the ProjectLibre usage flourish.  We  also enjoy the user stories and appreciated comments about delivering a free, open source alternative to Microsoft Project.  Please send your user stories!   We understand there is a lot of work ahead but we are moving forward rapidly.....

ProjectLibre updates:

There is so much going on but it is all in the core so not eye candy yet.....  We have fixed hundreds of bugs. The dedication of Laurent and the guys is amazing as we are all volunteering.  We are passionate about making a difference and making ProjectLibre the best project management solution globally.  We are also passionate about the global usage and again are now in virtually every country in the world.  The team is well under way with a complete rewrite of ProjectLibre.  Why ?   Well we wrote the code almost 10 years ago.  A lot of people know that OpenProj was acquired when Projity was acquired.  The code has literally not been updated until our team created ProjectLibre and started updating.  However, the architecture and code was a significant drawback for not only velocity but also long term updates.  Laurent and the team are now rewriting to make it modular and easier to modify/improve/extend.   This is a significant enhancement and will allow major acceleration later in the year.  We will announce more about the schedule in April.  

ProjectLibre Cloud/Enterprise:

ProjectLibre is also working on the Cloud/Enterprise version.  This is again leveraging all the rewritten code and will be a significant release!  We are looking for much more of a multi-project/portfolio capabilities along with things like resource leveling and other enterprise features.  We will have significant updates to this initiative in April.  If you have particular enteprise requests or integrations needed please send us an email. 



We have had more than 160,000 downloads around the world.  The registered community is now over 7,000 people and again well represented around the globe.  There are some members more active than others,  your participation is good for the entire community. We really need the help in the forums to keep up to date.  We are swamped internally with our efforts and have seen a few bad actors spam the forums.  We have implmented Mollum to alleviate some of that.... if it does not work we will start completely moderating and approving comments. That would be a shame!  Your participation in the community is appreciated and encouraged.  The ProjectLibre team is requesting help with documentation, translations and also a new website!  When the modular code rewrite is completed we will also be looking for contributions to the code.  Please contact us if you can assist!  We also want to get guest blogs and user stories generated.  Please contact us so we can get you involved. 

Once again, there has been a lot of progress with ProjectLibre.  We will announcemore details on the rewrite in April and also make major announcements on the Cloud/Enterprise release.  Your continued support is appreciated.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the project management world! 

Best regards,