ProjectLibre Year End Review

December 21, 2021 - 23:42 pm
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ProjectLibre is ready for 2022!   It has been a difficult year for the world.  We have users in every country in the world and aware of the impacts.  We wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.  It is also time to reflect on our last year together and provide a window into plans for 2022.  We still grow only by word of mouth.  You can help us by providing a review on these two sites.  It would be appreciated!

The year saw our continued growth with 5,500,000 downloads and users on all continents.  The team works very hard and appreciate the user stories and delighted to have ProjectLIbre managing projects in Antarctica!  We want to thank the many community members who have contributed this year.  There is hesitation as we will be leaving out so many people but some selected highlights.  



  • AMPM Consulting in Italy.  The AMPM team worked with ProjectLibre and have established a ProjectLibre Certification.  The have both fundamental and advanced certification classes. We have reviewed the material and it provides a comprehensive education and testing of ProjectLibre proficiency.   We are looking to work with others to partner around the world educating project managers. 


ProjectLIbre certification

  • Digital Phoenix who updated the website and really contributed in improving our online presence this year.  If you have needs with your website or digital applications it would be great to return the good will and contact them. 
  • Graphics and logo creation for Company, Community edition and Cloud were done by Shaun Barth.  Shaun was recommended by our friends at LibreOffice and was generous with his time and creative talent.  Again, if you have creative needs it would be wonderful to engage him to return the good will. 

             ProjectLIbre community logo         ProjectLibre Cloud logo


ProjectLibre Desktop & Community update

ProjectLibre downloads have surpassed 5,500,000  wjithout any marketing expenditures. We appreciate the word of mouth and awards we have won but need your help with the links above to provide more visibility. We also request user stories.  ProjectLibre is now used in over 1,500 Universities.  Our team are proponents of project management education and enjoy giving virtual lectures to University classes.  Our plans in 2022  include updates to the softwarwe and be more active on social media and getting the word out. 


ProjectLibre by continent


This is a color coded map of downloads showing ProjectLIbre in every country on the globe and also a chart of the top 15 usage countries.  The darker shade indicates higher downloads. You can see the entire map is colored.  On our website the map is interactive, when cursoring over a country it will display the downloads. 


ProjectLibre download map


ProjectLibre pie chart



ProjectLibre Cloud 

ProjectLibre Cloud has made great progress.  A lot of questions on timing and we can now give more clarity on part of the rollout plan.  We are pushing hard to have an initial set of users testing in late January.  ProjectLibre Cloud is role based with pre-set roles of Administrator, Executive, Project Manager, Team Member, Resource Manager and Customer/Stakeholder.  Administrators can create additional roles with each role having different access and view permissions.

ProjectLIbre is a team solution and allows managing projects regardless of physical location. We are using it internally and effectively allows our team who is scattered between Silicon Valley, Paris, India and South America work together.  We are over subscribed for the beta so have been asking for how you will use ProjectLIbre Cloud and sending your plans to [email protected]    We have a lot of work to but wrap up but quite pleased.  When it is slow-rolled out in January we will start weekly Google Meet sessions.  This will provide an opportunty to both view ProjectLibre Cloud but also provide feedback.  

ProjectLibre team graphic



Happy Holidays and best wishes for a terrific 2022

The ProjectLibre team has actually worked all 365 days this year.  It is an amazing and dedicated team.  We are geographically disperse so regularly have 3:00 AM meetings for someone.  We understand there are many needs globally and really try our best to be responsive.  The team is constrained and self funded. We are planning in 2022 to expand our capabilities with the new Cloud version being released.  We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful year upcoming.   We do look forward to hearing your usage stories and also hope you can provide the reviews to increase our visibility.  


All the best,

The ProjectLibre team