Remote Workers = ProjectLibre Cloud

November 10, 2021 - 08:43 am
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ProjectLibre Cloud in Mexico

ProjectLibre Cloud Update  (Remote Projects = ProjectLibre Cloud )

The trend for remote work has been accelerating for many years. ProjectLibre Cloud is designed for project teams regardless of location. You can manage projects together in Paris, France and Paris, Texas… no problem, project management in your browser! The HQ has been replaced with remote workers. Companies like Puma, American Express, PWC, Google and Salesforce now have virtual workforces. A recent study by Global Workplace Analytics expects remote employees to double this year, 76% of employees want to continue working remotely. A more astonishing finding from the study estimates that 70% of the workforce will be remote each month by 2025.

ProjectLibre Cloud is making great progress. It is a team solution, we are using it internally and currently refining role based access. It is important as the teams using ProjectLibre may have roles including Executives, Project Managers, Team Members, Customers and others. Again, the Cloud version is in the browser so project members working in New York, Germany and New Guinea can all manage the project together. The access to projects, views and privileges are based upon their “Role” when logging into ProjectLibre. ProjectLibre Cloud simply opens existing ProjectLibre Desktop, Microsoft Project, Primavera or other project files in your browser. It is a multi-project, team solution with role based access for project teams and company resources. That is a key difference with the desktop version and is for teams of 5 or more people and has a Dashboard, Portfolio Gantt, Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, WBS and other views. If you are interested in you can request access for when it is available.

Our team is very proud providing ProjectLibre around the world to our users on the desktop. It is free and an alternative to Microsoft Project. If you are not managing as a team the desktop is a great solution. It also is a good choice if internet access is a consideration. If you are a team and managing a project with 5 or more members the Cloud version is designed for managing your projects. It will be a subscription based solution and require internet access. The ProjectLibre Cloud solution is designed to streamline managing a project for a team located anywhere in the world. The tectonic shift to remote work is a driver to manage projects regardless of location. The Cloud is a good choice if you have a team and internet access. If you have any questions feel free to contact our team at [email protected]