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November 16, 2022 - 23:35 pm
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ProjectLibre Cloud is in beta testing. Why is it important for current and future teams? The Future of Work is remote work and hybrid projects.


Remote work

  • 266% increase based on survey of 35,000 companies

  • 68% seeking remote-only jobs (only 11% developers want office return)

  • Hybrid and Remote companies: Erickson, PwC, Nokia, Deloitte, Salesforce, Intel, AMEX, BP, Spotify, British Airways even selling HQ

  • Irish government “Rural Future” national investment for remote working


The trend for many companies and project teams has been decentralization for many years. The ‘hub and spoke’ Japanese manufacturing model (factory surrounded by supplier factories) was replaced by global supply chains. The same in the ‘talent supply chain’. Silicon Valley iconic venture capital firms were famous for only investing their billions of dollars within short driving distance of “Sand Hill Road”. It was pragmatic as Board of Director meetings required physical presence not performed using Zoom.  Warren Buffett has often spoken about the “Birth Lottery”. One of the richest people in the world is open about his limitations with manual work. He notes being born in a country and era where his financial acumen not metalworking skills allowed him to prosper, otherwise his lot in life would have been much different. The birth lottery demise has been predicted for decades. Gobal teams mean opportunities for the best, brightest and most motivated people regardless of country.

The Covid pandemic created a forcing function for companies to become virtual for projects and work. We have meetings with Google. However, if it's an online meeting with Google’s HQ, it doesn’t matter if you live 20 miles or 4,000 miles from the office!


Google meeting


ProjectLibre Cloud has been in development for awhile. Thank you for the patience! We have respectfully declined venture capital funding which would have accelerated our launch. However, this is our 3rd software company and the previous ones were successful so we are confident releasing and the beta feedback has been excellent. Our team is working closely with a small beta group and validating we have “Product – Market Fit”.

It is clear,  the market has been moving toward remote work without regard to physical presence and hiring on competence. Project teams can work together using ProjectLibre Cloud regardless of location. This is a monumental shift in global work. Our Co-founder, Marc O’Brien gave a speech last month to a group of Mexican Universities. The topic was global opportunities in project management. ProjectLibre is in 193 countries and managing projects on all 7 continents.  ProjectLibre is ‘remote 1st’ and will be hiring the smartest, most motivated and knowledgeable employees regardless of location. This seismic corporate shift benefits both global employees and ProjectLibre. We can hire top people in South America, Asia and Africa. This will align our teams with users timezone (and language) consistent around the world.



ProjectLibre Cloud teams


The Future of Work wil provide global opportunities for project managers and knowledge workers. This will continue to grow. We worked with Google’s project management certification. If you have the knowledge, credentials and motivation there is a world of opportunity in all corners of the globe. ProjectLibre Cloud, Zoom, Google Meet and other online solutions enable teams to work together from anywhere in the world. The “Birth Lottery” and myopic view of hiring in Silicon Valley is turned upside down.  We will continue to improve ProjectLibre Cloud with 'product market fit' for the 'future of work'.