ProjectLibre video with tips

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We are expanding our ProjectLibre YouTube channel.  This is our second video.  We will focus on different topics.  

ProjectLibre Cloud beta update

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The team has been making great progress with ProjectLibre Cloud.  It is a multi-project and team project management solution in the cloud.  ProjectLibre Cloud is browser based.  We are using it internally and it is terrific!  A common comparison i

ProjectLibre: Cloud update and community verification

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The ProjectLibre community now has well over 100,000 members and we are looking to communicate on a regular basis with our updates.  We are requesting you update your current community registration to a .com, .edu or business email address.  Those

New release of ProjectLibre

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We wanted to send out a quick note in regards to the latest release 1.6.2.  It is also important to explain our current development efforts.   There are some improvements with ProjectLibre that we all see would be helpful.  Our team is completely

New release of ProjectLibre and update on cloud progress

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The team wanted to get the community an update on our internal efforts at ProjectLibre. This is both with the current version and our cloud initiatives. Our team has been hard at work for a few years and making great progress. This has been amazing as we do not have corporate sponsorship ...

ProjectLibre: New website and updates

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ProjectLibre new website and progress What a great new website we have at ProjectLibre! There are a lot of changes and improvements at ProjectLibre. I wanted to thank Tom Tran and his team who are partnered with my company Propeople.