New release of ProjectLibre

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We wanted to send out a quick note in regards to the latest release 1.6.2.  It is also important to explain our current development efforts.   There are some improvements with ProjectLibre that we all see would be helpful.  Our team is completely

ProjectLibre: New website and updates

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ProjectLibre new website and progress What a great new website we have at ProjectLibre! There are a lot of changes and improvements at ProjectLibre. I wanted to thank Tom Tran and his team who are partnered with my company Propeople.

Nice articles on ProjectLibre

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There were two nice articles written on ProjectLibre.  I included the older one as it has a video overview. 

Automatic allocation of a resource

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I have a project that spans about 6 months with multiple resources. I want to add a project management task of 1 hour per day for every day. Can this be done automatically or do I have to make a new entry for every day?

Thanks, Ed

Changing timeline view

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I am a first time user.

Can anybody tell me how to change the schedule timeline view from weekly to monthly in the GANT chart? I am working on a lomg term project and need to compress the calendar view into monthly increments.

Setting weeks

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Can someone please tell me how I can make my schedule 7 working days so it does not jump over weekends. I want my schedule to be 7 working days a week.