Nice articles on ProjectLibre

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There were two nice articles written on ProjectLibre.  I included the older one as it has a video overview. 

Automatic allocation of a resource

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I have a project that spans about 6 months with multiple resources. I want to add a project management task of 1 hour per day for every day. Can this be done automatically or do I have to make a new entry for every day?

Thanks, Ed

Changing timeline view

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I am a first time user.

Can anybody tell me how to change the schedule timeline view from weekly to monthly in the GANT chart? I am working on a lomg term project and need to compress the calendar view into monthly increments.

Setting weeks

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Can someone please tell me how I can make my schedule 7 working days so it does not jump over weekends. I want my schedule to be 7 working days a week.