New significant release of ProjectLibre

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We are pleased to announce the release of ProjectLibre 1.5.5.  This has significant improvements, most that are not visible.  We previously announced the ongoing effort to complety rewrite the ProjectLibre codebase.

no access to help file

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When i click the help button the ProjectLibre homepage opens but I get the message "access denied". What do I need to acccess the on-line help?

Thanks in advance for helpful comments!

Release notes??

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First off, I'd like to say great product. But how about writing some release notes for each release? Just so that we know what has been fixed/changed...

Keep up the good work, Miha

Install on Windows 7, 64bit

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I am a newby on ProjectLibre.  I am trying to install on Windows 7, 64bit and keep getting the error that Java is not installed (system requires 1.6 or better)