Creating task dependencies

July 14, 2015 - 00:15 am
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I've created a reasonably high level list of tasks and activities and entered start and end dates for them all.  At this stage I'm not able to estimate resource requirements by individual so have assigned whole teams to work on the individual tasks. So far so good.

I would now like to create some dependencies between some of the tasks so that I can begin to get some sort of critical path.  When I saw the predecessor and successor dialog boxes on the task form I thought this would solve my problem but I cannot see how to enter the information I need to create the dependency.  Can anyone help please?  I'm sure it's something obvious that I'm overlooking.

Many thanks


Annette Mercer



July 14, 2015 - 15:38 pm

Hi there,


You can click and drag from one task to another or enter task numbers in the spreadsheet. This can be for predecessor or successor and with the link type FS, SS, SF, FF.  There are Youtube videos and documentation to assist.


Good luck!



November 25, 2020 - 05:40 am

I don't know when a project is going to start, but have got a list of tasks input and they default to the date input. When i've come back after a few days and try to put a future start date in for the first task and then put subsequent tasks as a FS dependency the dates don't reschedule. I can't even change them manually.
Any thoughts?