FF and SS Dependencies

November 29, 2016 - 23:13 pm
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Hi, I am just starting with project libre, and everything looks great, easy to use; Thanks for this great tool!!

Iam having a problem with task dependencies, and, if someone could help me, it would be great.

I ll try and explain it simply ))

I have Task 1 through Task 5 all linked as simple, classic FS dependency making it a critical path.

I have Task 6 now that should start as soon as Task 1 starts, and finish as soon as Task 5 is complete.

This task does not have a duration properly speaking, and simply ends with Task 5.

Let's give it a real life example:

I have bed and breakfast rooms, and intend to host a seminar soon.

Task 1 through 5 will be everything from check in to check out, and Task 6 will be the receptionist just being present

from check in to checkout.

So far the only way I found, was to manually change the duration. to actually show the Task 6 on the chart.

Is there a way For task 6 to automatically change its finish date to be equal to Task 5 finish date, and start date

to be equal to Task 1 start date.

So that for example if a group of guests misses their plane, and extend their stay for a couple of days,

the Receptionist Attendance task will automatically extend..

I hope I was clear and appreciate any help or workaround to accomplish this.

Thanks again for the work and efforts put into this great piece of software.