How to delete, re-assign or edit resources once allocated?

March 27, 2018 - 00:00 am
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Brand new at this program. I have created a workflow including assigning some "Resource"s to tasks in a construction environment. Now, one of the "Resource"s has left the job and ProjectLibre does not seem to allow me to edit in any way the task resource.

From Task/Task View brings up a list of tasks followed by the resource assigned.

For this example I click on task #30, another window  opens up: "Task Information: 30" which shows the 2 resources assigned 50/50 to this task.
Right-clicking brings up a little trash can and the word 'delete' on any field, but it does not do ANYTHING.
Clicking on the "Assign Resources" button brings up an 'Assign Resources' box, but it is for a DIFFERENT task (in this case #24) and I cannot edit that one either!

I cannot delete the resource because it is assigned to tasks

I cannot edit the task to change or remove the resource to un-assign the resource so I can delete the resource...! 

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: What I am doing wrong is posting anything on this site. It is only visited by SPAMBOTS