ProjectLibre Cloud Community

This is different than the other user groups.  It is  focused on communication for the upcoming ProjectLibre Cloud release.  Once released we will focus on enterprise delivery and global project management in the cloud. If interested in our coming Beta release email [email protected]

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ProjectLibre Partners and User Certification

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ProjectLibre continues to work with global PM organizations and pleased to announce the first approved ProjectLibre User Certification.   We are now on all 7 continents with users in Antarctica.  It is important to have global partners as just 'th

ProjectLibre: managing projects in ProjecLibre using WBS

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ProjectLibre is continuing to add to our YouTube channel of videos.  This video explores the benefits of using the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for managing your projects.  The usage of WBS in defining the project, managing and tracking the vari

ProjectLibre Cloud community update

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Thank you for participating in the ProjectLibre Cloud community.  We are bringing the full ProjectLibre functionality into the browser.  It will be a team solution so different than the single project - single user ProjectLibre desktop.  There wil