Define default day length

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I am a brand new user of ProjectLibre, so firstly hello!

Apologies if this is something which has been asked before - I've had a quick check of the discussions but can't see anything related - please do point me in the right direction if I've missed something though.

My question...by default, a day is set up to last from 8.00 til 5.00; however I need to change this so that the default start time of a day is 9.00 (and still finishing at 5.00).  Is there any way I can do this?  There is nothing obvious in the menus (or if there is, I've missed it).  This has an impact on costings as well as the actual hours, so any help would be very much appreciated.




gantt chart view

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I am working on a project using duration settings in hours.  When you zoom in to show the hours, it starts at 0:00 ... is there a way to change the display to a different start time ... say, 8:00? 

Please refer to screenshot below for further clarification if needed.

Additionally, how do you have the gantt chart start @ project start date.  For some reason, mine is starting on Sunday, March 20.


Timeline in minutes/hours

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I am using "projectlibre" for a project that last just a few hours.

Using zoom in/ zoom out options, it is possible to  change the visible scale, but it is not enough to see the Gantt chart in detail.