New significant release of ProjectLibre

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We are pleased to announce the release of ProjectLibre 1.5.5.  This has significant improvements, most that are not visible.  We previously announced the ongoing effort to complety rewrite the ProjectLibre codebase.


Marketing Tips for ProjectLibre

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Hello all,

I would like to contribute two tips which might increase the spread of ProjectLibre:

1. OpenProj ceased development and it's founders have forked the old code base to become ProjectLibre which is now developed very actively again. Although OpenProj's development ceased and the project is literally dead, absolutely outdated and full of known bugs ans limitations, problems which ProjectLibre fixes all of them, last week there still had been 16,388 downloads of OpenProj and only 2,058 of ProjectLibre on Sourceforge. The brand awareness of OpenProj still seems to be extremely strong and people continue to download the dead horse, instead of being aware of the new and fully alife alternative called ProjectLibre. So my tip is: Mark OpenProj clearely as "DEAD" on Sourceforge and urge all site visitors to swtich to ProjectLibre instead, including a link, etc.

2. Voting for project of the month: This is a great thing and winning this contest would boost ProjectLibre. Unfortunately as I figured, to participate at the poll, someone needs to have an Twitter account. This is a total showstopper for some people out there, who don't want to use such a service, but would loved to vote for ProjectLibre. Introducing a more open way of participating at votings, might increase votes..

Just my 5 cents,