New release of ProjectLibre and update on cloud progress

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The team wanted to get the community an update on our internal efforts at ProjectLibre. This is both with the current version and our cloud initiatives. Our team has been hard at work for a few years and making great progress. This has been amazing as we do not have corporate sponsorship ...

ProjectLibre beta 5 release & feedback

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We are pleased to announce the release of ProjectLibre beta 5 later today. Laurent & the team have done an amazing job!  I literally don't know when the sleep happens with their team.....  We are going to continue with improvements, so want your feedback!  We are also commencing the work of rearchitecting the core and ProjectLibre Server.  This is necessary so we can integrate our Server development along with making customizations/integrations easier.  We woudl recommend downloading the latest as there are a lot of improvements including:   

  • Many bug fixes
  • Linux packaging 
  • Printing ( we actually had a regression going from Beta 3 to Beta 4 when we introduced localization) 
  • Printing with scaling and print preview etc. 
  • New translations: Arabic, Hindi.  with others languages updated
  • More bug fixes.....

This release is an improvement but look forward to the feedback so we can further improve!  We will be juggling the re-architecture, server solution and improvements.  We are in discussions wtih a few organizations who can hopefully sponsor more development so we can expedite or efforts.   If you have feedback on the release or contacts for helping sponsor development it is appreciated!!! 



Is the Desktop version to be continued?

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Is the Desktop version of ProjectLibre going to continue after the release of the Cloud version?

The little discussion there has been is usually about the upcoming Cloud version.

So will the Desktop version live on?

Will the Desktop version continue to be developed in the future?

Or is the plan that the Cloud version will replace the desktop version?




1,000,000 download milestone with usage in 210+ countries

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The team wanted to send out an update on a few different items, a lot of great news.  The community is growing rapidly. We have a dedicated group developing, testing and getting community feedback.


Citrix compatibility

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I have got a question... Is ProjectLibre compatible with "Citrix"?

Thanks and best regards