Resource allocation not working as expected

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I have created a resource with 50% availability for the project. I have assigned the resource to a task. The task duration is 48hrs/6days. I am using the standard calendar.

Now the task is supposed to be completed with only one resource alloted to the project in 12 days, as the resource is available for 50% only.

But I see the resource is alloted 8hrs/day, and the task completes in 6 days which is not right.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


Resource Vacation Report

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Hi, I am new to PM.  I have been using this tool for past 3 weeks and it is very helpful.  


I am adding Resource vacations/sick in resource calender as Non Working Hours.  I need help on below.

1. is there any other way to find out vacations/sick for all my resources?

2. is there any way to differenciate vacation and sick?


Resource Availability Trouble

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I am able to specify varying availability over time for a given resource using the 'Available From' and 'Max Units' columns of the table under the 'Resource Availability' tab of the Resource Information dialogue (accessed by double clicking on a resource).  However, the 'Histogram' chart does not reflect this varying availability.  Any help appreciated.


Task priority

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How do i use the priority of a task to set where it should be among other tasks?
Say if i set a parent task with the priority of 1 (being the highest priority) and then another parent task as 2 then another with 3 and so on, can i use this to automatically set where the task should start (then finish) and the next highest priority to start?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks =)


Filtering resources

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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone will be able to tell me whether or not in the resource usage view if i can filter it into alphabetical order for the tasks under the resource?



changing working hour but keeping the duration

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Hey I have this project which I have to hand in by tomorrow, I think my problem is quiet simple one but I'm really new to project management and this softwarre and can not figure it out.


I need to keep the duration of the task but change the hourse that resource works, for example, the task takes 8 days but the person needs to work 4 hours per day. Everytime I change the houre the task duration changes as well. can some one please help with this?


Basic question re Resources allocation

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Hi all,

Here is the little scenario I would like to clarify:

1. I create a 10 days task T1 with all default settings ( type= fixed units, duration=80hours, workload=80 hours)

2. If I assign one resource R1 to it, resource is allocated for 100% for the duration of the task. So far, so good.

3A. If I remove the resource R1 and THEN reassign 2 resources R1 and R2, both are allocated for 100% and the duration of the task drops to 40hours/5 days (task work remains unchanged at 80hours). So far, still good.

3B. Now, if instead of removing R1 first, I keep R1 assigned to T1 and add R2, then both resources are assigned to T1 for 100% but the duration of the task drops to 20hours and the work for the task drops to 40 hours.I would have expected the result of 3B to be the same as 3A.

Could someone please help me clarify what I am missing ?

Thank you.