Request: Some options

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I would like to request a feature that my Project users are clammering for.


1. I would like to request that the tasks be able to populate into the Gantt chart field (like resources do now) without having to have to retype the tasks into the resources fields


2. Also a user defined print date range. right now, it seems like a print is the entire schedule. I have some construction PMs that want to print the next two weeks, or next month. PLEASE!!!!


3. Lastly for now - Can you make an option to remove the date stamps from the start and finish columns when printing, or at all times?


I appreciate the help of this community for all their knowledge. 




Quick question - answer may be obvious

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I've got a quick question about ProjectLibre.  I want to set an absolute date for the Finish column and basically work backwards from that.  For example; an entire project has to be completed by, let's say, October 1.  I'd like to set a hard date in the Finish column and then have ProjectLibre calculate, based on the number of days I enter, the absolute last day a task would have to be started to meet the Finish deadline.

Is that doable the way I'm describing it?