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The content I share varies. It is mostly things I've learned from my consulting - insights into the way the IT and business relationship management world works, sometimes musings on the future; occasionally lessons learned from my hobbies (musician, scuba diver) that can be applied to my area of work. I try to post weekly.

It took time to see tangible results. I hung in there because blogging helped me process what happened to me in my consulting work, and I was getting a strong and growing readership, so I sort of believed that good things would happen/were happening, even if I could not see direct results straight away.

Then I started getting new consulting clients who told me they came to me because of my blog. One in particular made an astounding comment. She said, `Vaughan, we selected you as a partner not just because your blog demonstrated deep knowledge and a passion for your work, but also for the way you handled reader comments. You responded to every comment, no matter how inane, with grace and humility. You convinced us that you were the kind of consultant we could work with!

Traffic to my blog has built week over week, and now a good percentage of the inquiries and bookings I get for BRM training and consulting mention my blog as the reason they contacted me.