Early Finsh Date

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I have a Task, that should be completed by the 11/10/2016. But my team has completed the task on the 4/10/2016. When I update the 'Percentage Finished' column and update it to "100%" the actual finish date goes back to the 11/10/2016, and I'm unable to add or change it to be the '04/10/2016'

Seems to be a Bug, or else is there another way to fix it ?

Pls. advice.



Quick question - answer may be obvious

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I've got a quick question about ProjectLibre.  I want to set an absolute date for the Finish column and basically work backwards from that.  For example; an entire project has to be completed by, let's say, October 1.  I'd like to set a hard date in the Finish column and then have ProjectLibre calculate, based on the number of days I enter, the absolute last day a task would have to be started to meet the Finish deadline.

Is that doable the way I'm describing it?