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1,000,000 download milestone with usage in 210+ countries

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The team wanted to send out an update on a few different items, a lot of great news.  The community is growing rapidly. We have a dedicated group developing, testing and getting community feedback.


Project XML export bug

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We've just discovered that XML files exported by Projectlibre cannot be imported directly by MS Project 2010. Taking a look at the generated XML, I noticed that it contains a  <SaveVersion> element which is set to 9. However, consulting the XML format documentation on MSDN ( shows that is was only introduced in Project 2007 and has only one possible value: 12 -- corresponding to Project 2007. A value of 9 would not appear to make sense.

After we manually changed the element value to 12, it could be succesfully imported into MS Project 2010.


XML Mapping File

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Has anyone created an MS Project XML mapping file to be used with Excel?  I've been tasked with importing some larger existing project plans that were done in Excel.  According to the help, in order to export it from excel in a format that can be imported into ProjectLibre, I have to have a "mapping" file that will map the excel columns to the XML schema.  I took a couple of runs at it without luck.  Not really sure what I am trying to achieve with it.  As a related thought, any plans for a CSV import function that could eliminate all this run around?  Thanks for the help.