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ProjectLibre cloud

Coming Soon: Cloud replacement of Microsoft Project

Cloud Project Management

Cloud Project Management

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud extends the open source desktop software with managing in the cloud anytime/anyplace and also multi-user/multi-projecting. You can manage your entire portfolio of projects in a collaborative platform in the cloud.

Multi-project and Multi-user

Multi-project and Multi-user

ProjectLibre in the cloud let's you manage all your projects collaboratively.  This extends ProjectLibre desktop with team features, multi-projecting and global resource pools

Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud has a project dashboard.   Teams can manage thier projects remotely from anywhere in the World.  How about teams working together in Canton, China and Canton, New York?

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud provides comprehensive project management for  your teams in their browser.  Teams can collaborate and manage projects together from anywhere in the world. ProjectLibre is having a similar disruptive impact as Google Docs had with Microsoft Word! Our cloud project management has a simple monthly subscription which replaces costly enterprise licenses of the bloated Microsoft Project, including all the other software required to be licensed in the Microsoft stack. ProjectLibre Enterprise cloud opens existing MS Project files and lets you manage anytime/anyplace in your browser. A simple monthly fee and no extra software “add-on's” required! Send an email to if interested in our coming Beta release. 

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud Dashboard

Microsoft Complexity -vs- ProjectLibre productivity:  ProjectLibre requires no installation, simply open in your browser and start working.  The image shows only part of the Microsoft complexity.  In addition to all the installation/integration, there are also enterprise licenses and CAL licenses which most companies cannot understand requiring audits from Microsoft to ensure license compliance with all the moving parts.  ProjectLibre Cloud will be released shortly and allow you to simply log in with with your browser and you are immediately managing your projects together anywhere in the world.  You will have an Enterprise Dashboard, multi-project Gantt charts, multi-project Resource pools, Resource Histograms, WBS/RBS charts, Network Diagrams, Earned Value costing and you can simply open your existing project files in the browser and keep working.  There is no delay in migrating.  Fill out the Try it Free form and we will enroll you in the beta when available.

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