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ProjectLibre cloud

ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud will release soon and have a similar disruptive impact that Google Docs had with Microsoft Word! Our cloud project management will have a simple monthly subscription which replaces costly enterprise licenses of the bloated Microsoft Project, including all the other software required to be licensed in the Microsoft stack. ProjectLibre Enterprise Cloud opens existing MS Project files and lets you manage anytime/anyplace in your browser. A simple monthly fee and no extra software “add-on's” required! If interested in the Beta release contact eMail Us

Projectlibre open source

ProjectLibre is an open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project.  It has been downloaded over 4,300,000 times in over 200 countries and has won InfoWorld "Best of Open Source" award. If you are looking for a team solution or multi-project management we recommend our cloud version. ProjectLibre has a lengthy list of Fortune 500, Government, small business and non-profits utilizing our comprehensive project management features. ProjectLibre has been translated into 20 languages.