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Allocation of tasks without impacting resource usage.

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Hi everyone.

How do I assign two tasks to one same resource without impacting on their workload? In a case where tasks can be done simultaneously.

Say, for example, that I have these two tasks: a train trip and writing a report. This is a case where the resource can travel and write a report while on the trip, which for me means that the resource usage should stay at 100% and not jump to 200% as I am now getting.

I hope you can help.


The task finish date moves away from another task it dependent on when using Intend

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As I mentioned,

When I use intend the finish date of the dependent task stops being dependent on the start date of the final task.

And it really doesn't matter whether the tasks get linked to another tasks when intended or they are just intended not getting linked to any task.

The same result I get when already well intended tasks get a change in the final task finish date (must finish on constraint). (Result--finish date of the dependent task stops being dependent on the start date of the final task).

And I can't remove "must finish on" constraint, because otherwise the program does whatever it wants with duration and finish date keeping start date unchanged. (regardless I change finish date/ duration)

The funny thing is that it is within this file only I am not sure what is wrong with this file, but it actually doesn't link start date of the final task to finish date of the previous task at all

When I did completely the same in a new file it all worked well (the finish date of previous task was dependent on the start date of the final task).


Btw there is no such problem with other tasks that are dependent on the "previous" task

I am totally new to project management software, so it is first software I work with.

I appreciate any help.


Creating task dependencies

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I've created a reasonably high level list of tasks and activities and entered start and end dates for them all.  At this stage I'm not able to estimate resource requirements by individual so have assigned whole teams to work on the individual tasks. So far so good.

I would now like to create some dependencies between some of the tasks so that I can begin to get some sort of critical path.  When I saw the predecessor and successor dialog boxes on the task form I thought this would solve my problem but I cannot see how to enter the information I need to create the dependency.  Can anyone help please?  I'm sure it's something obvious that I'm overlooking.

Many thanks


Annette Mercer