Translations progressing rapidly and Japanese release of ProjectLibre UI

March 1, 2013 - 03:37 am
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There has been a lot of progress on the documentation with ProjectLibre.  The community contributions are truly appreciated.  We do need more content added to the dccumentation.  You can access the English version here and add content.  We also just released a Japanese version of ProjectLibre.  The user interface was translated by community member Takahiro Morita.  Thank you Takahiro-san! We have lagged usage in Japan and this will certainly help the user community.  We have more than 1,500 users in Japan and hope to significantly increase this number.  

We are also looking to get translations into other languages.  The user interface can be easily modified into your language.  Please open these files  Client properties and Menu properties   save them to a different name.  Then simply change hello = hello to hello = 'hello in your language'.   We will then add this to the program and when users from your country download ProjectLibre the interface and menus will be localized!  

The user interface is important but we are also now translating the product documentation as well.  You can click on the links below and contribute to the current document translatimons.  Please contact us if you can commence other translations.  Current translations ongoing:

There are many other languages we would like to get translated.  Please contact us and we'll post a version for editing in your language.  We  over a 100,000 users in  the above languages.  This will accelerate with the localized documentation. We are very excited with the community response.  The forums and assistance are growing.  The timing is terrific as we are also making progress with the rewriting of code.  It should be a fabulous year for ProjectLibre and our community!


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March 5, 2013 - 11:48 am

hi Marc

I see your request for contributions in other languages.

for the documentation you did specify some languagues with links for people to contribute, but for the menu and client properties you do not state what languages are still needed

I have renamed the files for client  "nl_client-1.properties_id" for the translation into Dutch language

and invite all dutch contributors to use this same file, to prevent double work.


the menu file is and can be found here for Dutch people to contribute

Dutch people with questions can ask me and I hope I have the answer :)