Big News: Cloud subscribers and winding down beta testing

December 9, 2023 - 01:57 am
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ProjectLibre has our initial Cloud subscribers!!!!   

Thank you for being part of the ProjectLibre community!   We have a lot of work to do but I applaud the dedicated team here at ProjectLibre. The team has a passion for what we do.... and here we are! 

We still have beta testers but are slowly phasing out the program.  We have subsciptions from select companies & universities.  We are  now expanding subscribers with a controlled rollout for existing companies.  ProjectLibre Cloud will have an open invite soon but from a practical standpoint want to ensure 100% success.  That is an expectation from our team and more important than marketing hype are keeping our focus on delivering value to project teams around the world.  

If you are interested in a preview,  you can select a time with the link below.   ProjectLibre Cloud is a team solution and we do require a company email. 


Invite:  Cloud Subscription Meeting 


We have appreciated the patience as it has been a long haul.  The team is independent and not reliant on outside investors which is good for the community long term.  However, it has been heavy lifting!   Thank you again for being part of the community and hope to provide you value with either ProjectLibre Cloud or Desktop ProjectLibre.  

All the best,

Team ProjectLibre