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March 6, 2024 - 03:39 am
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ProjectLibre Cloud: A Powerful and Cost-Effective Alternative to Microsoft Project

Are you tired of the limitations and high costs of Microsoft Project? Looking for a cloud-based solution that offers the same powerful features without the hefty price tag? Then look no further than ProjectLibre Cloud!   Book a preview meeting

Unleashing the Power of Project Management in the Cloud

ProjectLibre Cloud is a unique solution that brings the robust functionality of Microsoft Project's scheduling engine to the cloud. This means you can enjoy the same level of detail and control over your projects, but with the added benefits of:

  • Accessibility: Work on your projects from anywhere in the world, on any device with just a browser.
  • Collaboration: Facilitate seamless teamwork with real-time project updates and shared access for your team members.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your project management needs as your organization grows, thanks to our secure and reliable AWS hosting.

Unparalleled Features for Effective Project Management

ProjectLibre Cloud offers a comprehensive set of features to equip you with everything you need to manage your projects effectively:

  • Full-fledged scheduling: the most powerful scheduling enging in the cloud. Manage complex projects with ease using industry-standard features like precedence relationships, lead/lag, project/task/resource calendars, task splitting and a complete set of task scheduling constraints.
  • Organized structures: Organize your projects efficiently with summary structures for phases and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure).
  • Performance tracking: Gain valuable insights into project performance with full Earned Value Management (EVM) capabilities.
  • Portfolio and team management: Manage multiple projects and teams with ease using role-based access controls and portfolio security features.

Join the Leaders in Project Management Innovation

ProjectLibre boasts the most experienced team in the project management software market. Many of the industry's leading innovations originated from our very own team. This commitment to excellence translates into a powerful and user-friendly solution that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users.

Experience the Difference at an Affordable Price

Get started with ProjectLibre Cloud with introductory pricing for just $9.99 per user per month, billed annually (currently 3 user minimum). And as your project management needs grow, we offer attractive discounts for larger deployments.

We are proud to be the trusted solution for organizations around the world who are subscribing.  Join them in experiencing the future of project management with ProjectLibre Cloud!

Ready to Take Control of Your Projects?

We invite you to explore the power of ProjectLibre Cloud for yourself. Contact us today for a free trial and discover how our innovative solution can transform your project management experience.  We have preview meetings at