Remote Projects = ProjectLibre Cloud

December 19, 2023 - 01:12 am
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Remote Projects = ProjectLibre Cloud

ProjectLibre Cloud has over 18,000 beta requests. We are in a controlled release and surveyed the beta companies. ProjectLibre Cloud is a team project management solution with role based access. The top roles from our survey:

  •  Project Manager
  •  Team Member
  •  External Customer & Executive

Our survey also showed over 80% of project teams are remote with 3 - 10+ locations. Also, over 85% have a strong need to manage projects in the Cloud. Preview meetings can be scheduled   ProjectLibre Cloud brings full project managemnet into the cloud.  Teams can manage projects anywhere in the world together in their browser.  There is no complex integrations.... simply log in with your browser and your teams are managing projects together.  

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